From my head & my heart


I was meditating and was reminded of you

A friend of mine is going through a phase right now

I find myself encouraging based on my experience

Having gone through a similar phase with you

Let me pause to say, first and foremost

I pray and hope that all is well with you

I am confident that you are excelling at whatever it is you find yourself doing

I will now move forward to say

I honestly do not expect a response for that which I am about to say

This is moreso a final release

Dare I say, a farewell

From my head and my heart

My hope and prayer is that you have been or will be able to do the same

I write with only one purpose in mind

No excuses

No stories

No look backs

No stroll down memory lane

I write simply to say

I am sorry

I am sorry for hurting you.

I am sorry for how I handled myself in our relationship

I am sorry for putting myself, my needs, my heart, above yours

I was hurt

I was bro/ken

I took that out on you

You loved me enough to let me

I just hope that through it all

I did not break you

I am sorry for not appreciating and cherishing the person that you were

The person that you strived to be each day

We were not perfect – far from it

You were not perfect – not even close


For that

I thank you

I thank you for the time that we spent together

Because it was a catalyst

Propelling me to be the person I am today

Thank you for adding to my story

Thank you for adding to my testimony

Thank you for loving me as fiercely as you did

Thank you for teaching me what it means to love

I pray that you too, one day

Will be able to share your story and testimonies

I pray that one day

You will know just how much you transform lives

Just as you have transformed mine

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