Author: Iyanuoluwa

  • Black

    Black. That is what we are said to be. Black, synonymous with inventors? Black, synonymous with innovators? Black, synonymous with creatives? Black Kings? Black Queens? Black Empires? Black Kingdoms? What is meant by Black? Black knowledge? For we too are guardians of the land. Black, like you and me? Changemakers. Black, which has impacted human […]

  • Broke

    “Before God could bring me to this place, He broke me a thousand times. I have wept, I have groaned, I have travailed many a night until God broke me” – Smith Wigglesworth.

  • Forgot

    I forgot, oh I forgotMy First Love. The sweetness of Your presence.I forgot, oh I forgotHow blessedly fun it is to spend time with You.I forgot, oh I forgotThe adventure that comes with surrender, abandon.I forgot, oh I forgotWhat it was to put You first. Why did I choose to wake up in the early […]

  • M.I.A

    “I tried calling you last week but I was unable to reach you.” “Iyanu! I tried calling you.” “Hi Iyanu, I hope all is okay. Please get back to me. I am really worried that you are not responding.” These are some of the messages I found on my phone upon my return. I hear […]

  • What do you want?

    What do I want? Do I know what I want?

  • The Struggle

    The struggle sharpens our spiritual eyes to see beyond seeing. The struggle is purpose-full.

  • Sometimes, I forget

    This is why I can never serve another. My shenanigans and foolishness can never exhaust Your supply.

  • How are you?

    What would happen if you gave real responses to this question? What would you say in response if you encountered real responses?

  • Messy

    I had to step into the mess if I wanted to accomplish anything of substance.

  • Partnership

    God does His part. Do I do mine?

  • To Iquitos, with love

    Then Monday morning happened. We woke up to the news that Iquitos was on total lock-down. Airports, seaways, and roads were all shut down. We were not allowed to leave. No one could get in. No one could go out. We watched as all flights got canceled domestically and internationally. We were stuck, and no one knew for how long.

  • Who am I?

    My story is marred with trauma, with pain, with tears. Having been sexually assaulted by multiple men and verbally assaulted in many ways, I did not want to accept those parts of my story. I wanted to believe that those experiences happened to someone else, a different me. I never wanted to associate that person with the person I thought I needed to be. I did not want to be a victim. I was terrified. But, who am I without my experiences?

  • Which R?

    Each action a blow to His body. Each choice a slap to His face. With blood-stained face, and tattered flesh. With all the strength His soul had to give. He chose me as His and fully paid the price.

  • How to Worship A King – Sermon

    Worship as recognition of authority [Master & Lord] Worship as a living testimony [Savior & Redeemer] Worship as living out the gospel no matter the cost [A life of surrender] Worship as unbridled, unguarded, extravagant display of love (Humility]

  • Wisdom & Understanding

    The battle rages within. What I want to do versus what I ought to do. Through these lenses of war I make decisions. Daily choices, that determine the outcome of life and living.