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Love God, Love people; that is my life motto.
What would the world look like if we all lived from an overflow of love?
Will you let it start with you?

Have you ever been?

Have you ever been lonely? Have you ever been spat on? Have you ever been beat up? Have you ever been hungry? Have you ever been ridiculed? Have you ever been betrayed? Have you ever been laughed at? Have you never fit in? Have you ever been made fun of […]

Let it be You

No matter where I am, Let it be You No matter the platform, Let my focus be You When I get there, Let it glorify You Not for self recognition, not for fame Instead, Let it be all about You Not about me, it is all about You… Perceptions and […]

I looked to you

I was always searching Searching for something Something to make me better Better than I thought I was Was searching to be enlightened Enlightened about what I thought I should know Knowing that I did not quite fit Fit into the spaces that surrounded me – That was around me- […]

Only You

Where You lead, I will follow. Wherever You choose, I will go. Whatever You want, I will do. Because nothing compares to You. No one compares to You. I kneel before You So that I can stand before anyone. Where do You want me to go? I refuse to move […]

If I could be Jealous

If I could be jealous of anything in this life, I would be jealous of those who came to God (through Christ) early. The pain, loss, misunderstandings, heartbreaks, and wasted time that I could have avoided. All the wasted efforts and trivial pursuits that could have been avoided. Oh boy. […]


Imagine if you lived life like it was meant to be lived Imagine if you did not always have to always prove a point Imagine if you did not have to have it all Imagine if you did not judge or assume Imagine if you did not have to be […]


“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13). Love… We say it, we think we know it, we give it, and we hope to experience it as we go about our day to day life. Love… That four letter […]


Dear You, You’re all I want. You’re all I need. I am Yours, now and forever. I am found in You. I am nothing without You. All I want is You. You are patient. You are kind. You do not envy. You do not boast. You keep no record of […]

I’ll Be

Don’t give up Don’t you stop Everything will work together No matter the circumstance No matter the situation I’ll always be there for you I’ll be your shoulder to lean on I’ll be your help when you need some I’ll always be there for you Never will you be alone […]