Category: Intentionality

  • How to Worship A King – Sermon

    Worship as recognition of authority [Master & Lord] Worship as a living testimony [Savior & Redeemer] Worship as living out the gospel no matter the cost [A life of surrender] Worship as unbridled, unguarded, extravagant display of love (Humility]

  • Demolish & Discipline

    Demolish & Discipline

    There is no rebuilding without demolition. There is no disciple without discipline. He is there. He is always there. To guide me every step of the way

  • The Process of Letting Go

    “If you have never begged God to help you let go of someone, you have never truly loved”… I push myself to release, and each time I try, it is like trying to kill a part of me in many ways. You are a part of me.


    Our stories are unique in their similarities, different in their commonalities, and heartbreaking in the reality of this modern world. This is the call to action, a BATTLE CRY that rings out, that will mark this generation. Will you heed the call?

  • Heart


    I ask, ‘what is on Your heart’, You say, “you”. Me? “Do you trust Me”, You say. I am on Your heart, and You want to know if I trust You. Do I? Do I trust You? My default response to such a question wants to jump out of my mouth. My default response, like […]

  • Intentionally Purposeful

    Intentionally Purposeful

    “All things are working for my good, cause He’s intentional. Never failing… I don’t have to worry cause He’s working for me” – Travis Greene [Intentional]. Now if you have ever heard this song, you will know that it is the substance of all things fired up in the Spirit. I cannot listen to this […]

  • L I S T E N: Do you hear when He speaks?

    L I S T E N: Do you hear when He speaks?

    Though I often intended to focus on a topic or look at one issue at a time, especially when I was in my quiet time with God, it was as though my mind insisted on running a mile a minute at that precise moment. God has been speaking and though, at first, I was begrudgingly […]