The Process of Letting Go

"If you have never begged God to help you let go of someone, you have never truly loved"... I push myself to release, and each time I try, it is like trying to kill a part of me in many ways. You are a part of me.


Our stories are unique in their similarities, different in their commonalities, and heartbreaking in the reality of this modern world.

This is the call to action, a BATTLE CRY that rings out, that will mark this generation. Will you heed the call?


I ask, 'what is on Your heart', You say, "you". Me? "Do you trust Me", You say. I am on Your heart, and You want to know if I trust You. Do I? Do I trust You? My default response to such a question wants to jump out of my mouth. My default response, like... Continue Reading →

Intentionally Purposeful

"All things are working for my ¬†good. Cause He's intentional. Never failing... I don't have to worry cause He's working for me" - Travis Greene [Intentional]. Now if you have ever heard that song, you will know that it is the substance of all things fired up in the Spirit. I cannot listen to that... Continue Reading →

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