“There is a story of me in you that I want others to see – God” (Anon)

I love this quote, and often find myself pondering on it.

How naive are we often times, to think that the story of our lives are only meant for us. Yes, we go through them. Yes, the experience often seems as though it may crush the very life out of us. Yes, there are more shattered pieces to our hearts than we care to admit. Yes, we never want to appear vulnerable by sharing what we have been through. But have we ever stopped to think about… just to give one-second to this thought; ‘If more people knew that it is ok to ‘not be ok’; that it is ok to be vulnerable, wouldn’t we be able to help each other heal better? Be it in navigating insecurities, depression, doubt, addiction, the list can go on; how much more would we be effective in building each other up?

There is power in vulnerability. Strength in weakness. Healing in pain. And hope in despair. This platform is a space to shed light into spaces and places, thoughts and feelings, that are often too vulnerable to share. As I share my journey, I hope that you are inspired to live and share yours fearlessly as well.

There is a tale in your scars; don’t allow your bestseller to collect dust.

Let His light shine through those areas of your life that were/are the darkest, so that they can be a beacon for others in need of light.

As you experience my journey with me, I hope that it helps you to grow in your journey as well.

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