“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” 
–  Christopher Reeve

Goal: To raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS (in total) for three organizations

Purpose: To support, encourage, and come alongside global organizations that have dedicated themselves to supporting and providing for individuals within impoverished communities.


OACY: Children & youth who live on the streets of Africa (Nigeria, Uganda, Cameroon, Congo) and have no hope of attaining resources to acquire vocational skills.

Noor Society: Children & youth (Bethlehem, Aida Refugee Camp) who live with disabilities and have no access to proper treatment nor healthcare.

Hogor Genesis (MC Kids): Children, youth, mothers & families (Iquitos Peru) who do not have access to financial, educational, or daily resources due to drugs, crime, poverty, or homelessness.


Each organization is transparent in using financial donations to serve individuals in their diverse communities, not just to cover overhead costs.
[Financial reports can be requested on each website].

Opportunity for African Children & Youth (OACY)

“OACY seeks to empower at-risk children and youths of Africa, by meeting their needs through vocational training, certification, and Christian counselling. Since the take-off of OACY, over 100 candidates have been trained in various vocations such as fashion design, catering, hair styling, upholstery/leatherwork, and plumbing. Many others are still undergoing training.”

Noor Society for People with Disability (Noor Rehabilitation)

“NOOR Society for People with Disability is a Palestinian non-governmental and non-profit organization based in the Aida refugee camp near Bethlehem. The Society was established in 2015 by a group of mothers who have children suffering from different kinds of disabilities. Their aim is to improve the health and rehabilitation of persons with disabilities regardless of their gender, age, or type of disability. They also seek to raise awareness among households, especially among mothers and the community on the topic of disability, and disability rights.
NOOR provides supportive educational activities for school students who face
learning difficulties or with low achievements”

Hogor Genesis (MC Kids)

“Due to its isolation and remoteness, Iquitos is an area overcome with prostitution, drug addiction, crime, and poverty. For years Rodolfo and Saraid have built relationships with drug addicts, prostitutes, and parents in the hopes of bringing the light of the gospel to many of the dark places that exist. A children’s home is being built to love and care for 10 to 12 children who have been abandoned, neglected, or rescued by the perils of the region. This home’s mission is to provide a family-oriented home, education, and counselling services. The goal is to restore the families together, but if this is not possible, there will be opportunities for adoption. This project is 100% conceived by nationals and led by nationals!” 

You can donate directly through the organization’s link (above)
(Send us a message (‘Get In Touch’) to let us know how much you donated so that we can count it towards the GOAL!)
Donate through this page. 100% of the contributions will be forwarded to the organizations on your behalf.


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Thank you for your support!
Please spread the word!
Please Get In Touch with us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support!
Please spread the word!
Please Get In Touch with us if you have any questions.

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This is a challenge with a global impact, the makings of a TESTIMONY through your support and contributions!

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