Intentionally Purposeful

“All things are working for my  good. Cause He’s intentional. Never failing… I don’t have to worry cause He’s working for me” – Travis Greene [Intentional].

Now if you have ever heard that song, you will know that it is the substance of all things fired up in the Spirit. I cannot listen to that song without getting a little bit more pep in my step, a little bit of bounce in my lean, with my chest raised a bit higher and a smile on my face.

I mean think about it. The God of this whole universe; working for me. Working on my behalf. Working to make sure that all things work out for my good, according to His will and purpose for my life?

Well if that isn’t a confident booster, I honestly do not know what else I need in order to get it. He is working, and through it all, He has me on His mind. I am not meant to let the journey He is taking me on overwhelm me. I am meant to let the journey shape me as needed.

I often take the time to look back to where I am coming from.

This gives me a better perspective on where I am at, who I am surrounded by, and how, in His own infinite wisdom and mercy, He brought me this far. How often did I find myself in a situation where I was sure that I would not make it out, let alone alive. How often have I been surprised to wake up the following day, because I was sure that there was no way I could live past the day I was in. How often did I question my importance, wonder about my purpose, doubt my abilities. Then He decides to hit me with peace, love. joy, understanding. I still doubt sometimes (I am human after all), but with confirmation,  after confirmation, after confirmation; He lets me know that He has never, and He will never leave nor forsake me.

This life I am living is not about me. This life you are living is not about you. Yes, we experience it. Yes, we live through it, but it is all about Him glorified, as He works out His perfect plan in and through us. Trust Him. He’s intentional, and He never fails.





“Travis Greene – Intentional (Album Version)[Audio]”. YouTube, uploaded by TGreeneVevo,  10 July 2015,

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