L I S T E N: Do you hear when He speaks?

Though I often intended to focus on a topic or look at one issue at a time, especially when I was in my quiet time with God, it was as though my mind insisted on running a mile a minute at that precise moment.

God has been speaking and though, at first, I was begrudgingly listening, I have been listening nonetheless. Listening now – truly listening – takes time, a lot of work, patience, and intentionality. Ah. That word once more. Intentionality. Being purposeful or deliberate about completing an action. It is as though that word has been following me all year. I have found that there is a lot of noise, so much noise, so many distractions, everywhere. If you desire to be distracted, you need not look far, for it is as though everything we are surrounded by is geared towards distracting us. Even our minds.

It is as though my mind hoped to figure out everything that it could in that moment, and if I was not careful, I ended up wasting the time I had set out to be with God. If I was not careful, I became so distracted that I did not hear from God; not because God wasn’t speaking, but simply because my ears were not tuned to Him. I therefore, didn’t hear His leading, His direction, His instructions, His rebuke, His correction, His affirmation, His declarations of love, the purpose He had set out for me.

If I allow myself to always be distracted, I won’t hear from God that which I need to know in the right season. This can be detrimental because God operates in seasons – His timing. God is neither disorganized, nor is He wasteful. He is neither complacent, nor is He Laissez-faire about His plans. God does everything with perfect timing and accuracy, so much so that everything has its time and specific season for fulfillment. To not hear from God, is to literally be toying with my life’s purpose, and how He desires to use it to His glory.

These past few weeks have been an interesting one for me and I have experienced time with God in greater spades than ever before.

My life is worth fighting for.

I have to exercise more quiet time, more and more time to spend with God, not to talk His ear off and tell Him what i want, but to listen. Just listen. I talk too much sometimes, this is true. I want to cultivate the habit of listening much more – to learn to be quiet and still in His presence. This will humble my spirit, and calm my heart. It will transform my mind, and keep it off the race track. It will enable me to approach life and living with a calmer and more balanced approach, than the frenzy I usually tackle it with. And there is no better place to learn that than in the presence of God.

There is so much that God wants to work on in me, and He keeps reminding me of this. For you who have taken the time to read this post, I know there is an area that God desires to work on in you as well – for His glory- and your fulfillment. So why don’t we decide to let Him do that which He wants to do, as we calmly sit with Him, and listen to that which He has to tell us. Let us live a live of absolute submission and surrender, trusting that God is faithful, even when we are faithless; and He will take us to where He knows that we need to be.

His perfect plan for our life, and His lessons for us are ones that will enable us to fully operate in the purpose that He has for us. To bring us a Future & A Hope; even as He leads us to our expected end.

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