Only You

Where You lead, I will follow.

Wherever You choose, I will go.

Whatever You want, I will do.

Because nothing compares to You.

No one compares to You.

I kneel before You

So that I can stand before anyone.

Where do You want me to go?

I refuse to move without You.

Who do You want me to be?

Shape me in the way to grow.

What is Your desire?

Make it mine.

Home is wherever You lead me.

Home is wherever You are.

Nothing is mine.

Nowhere is mine.

No one is mine – except for You.

I want to be so in love with You

To the point of no return.

I want to be so enveloped in You

Till there is no threshold

Between where You are and where I stand.

I want to be so infused by You

That all I see is You

All they see is You

On me

In me

Around me.

Take my heart.

Take my mind.

Take my will.

I just want to be Yours

Now and Forever.

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