My Battle Plan

How often do I let what I am doing for God take up the time that I am meant to spend with God?

I woke up this morning excited to check out my site, to write, to see if there was any feedback left on the writings I had shared, to continue in this area of ministry. But did I take the time to spend time with God first? Did I start my day off on the right footing?

My ultimate desire is that God drives me.  That He directs me, leads me, and is the central point upon which my life pivots. But how can He do that, be that, if I do not consciously and intentionally start my day with Him?

As a soldier in God’s army, how do I know my battle plan for the day if I do not show up for briefing?

How do I know how to mobilize my troops, to efficiently and effectively use the tools He has hand crafted for me, if I do not show up for my ‘Intelligence update’? (2 Samuel 5:18-25). I love this story about David a whole lot. I am always fascinated to how David chose to handle the events that he was faced with. David had recently taken over the throne as King of Israel after the death of Saul and Jonathan. As David was settling into being a wonderful king, the Philistines decided to attack him and his kingdom. These were the same Philistines that David had just brought down their Goliath before their very own eyes with one single stone and sling (1 Samuel 17). The same Philistines that had captured the Ark of Covenant of God from the children of Israel before (the nation that David was ruling), and had suffered greatly because of it (1 Samuel 5). These were the Philistines who wanted to attack David and his kingdom. If I were David, based on the track record of success that I had against the Philistines, I would have gone to meet them along the way for battle before I sought God. Or I would ‘seek God’ as I rode out to battle. BUT DAVID DID NOT DO THAT. He chose to seek God’s face first before even taking one step. He chose to “start his day” with God, to be led by God, and focus on doing WITH God, instead of doing for God or in the name of God. David did this not just once, but as often as his kingdom was attacked; even when the Philistines came back not too long after the first attack (I am starting to think those Philistines were suckers for punishment). David did not say to himself; “I sought God yesterday and He told me to fight this way, so I will do it like that again”, instead David went back to God to ask what the battle plan was. It’s a great thing that he asked again because, the battle plan he received the second time was not the same as the first. Imagine if David had not asked God a second time. I wonder how his story might have been different.

Far too often, I am too focused on doing for God that I lose sight of doing with God. God is not an invalid. He does not need me to always work for Him. He wants me to work with Him more than anything. To walk with Him, instead of trying to walk for Him. God does not desire that I do things separate from Him, in His name; but instead, He desires that I am led by Him, that I hold His hand and let Him guide me in all that I do.

Starting my day with God, and allowing God to lead my day, keeps my day focused on God.

Starting my day with God allows me to focus on His Word, His expectations, His leading, His desires. Starting my day  with God, not as an after thought, but as a conscious and intentionally crafted habit, is the BEST option I can dare to have for a truly fruitful day. Anything else is striving in my own strength, which more often than not, is done in vain.

"'Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the LORD of hosts." 
- Zechariah 4:6


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The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. Crossway Bibles, 2001.

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