On The Hill

“On the hill far away, stood an old rugged Cross, the emblem of suffering and shame…” (Bennard, 1913).

On the hill, on that Cross, was where the battle for my life was won.

On the hill, on that Cross, was where my victory was taken back for me.

On the hill, on that Cross, was where the body of Christ was pierced and broken for me.

On the hill, on that Cross, was where Christ bled and died for me.

On the hill, on that Cross, was where Heaven was rendered open, the veil was torn for me.

On the hill, on that Cross, my freedom now and forever was taken back and rightfully given back to me,

On the hill, on that Cross, all that I could ever need, for life and good living, was breathed out for me.

On that Cross, where Christ poured out His blood for me, His life for me, I was made whole through Him.

His blood was splattered and smeared as an offering to cover all of my inadequacies.

His blood was drained to fill me.

His blood was poured out to heal me completely in every area.

His blood flowed to transform me, for by His blood, I am enough.

No matter the battle I am fighting – His blood has already won.

No matter what society’s expectations may be – His blood is the standard.

No matter what my family’s expectation may be – His blood triumphs over all.

No matter what I may think of myself – His blood speaks better things.

The blood does not discriminate. The cross does not discriminate.

The blood, on that Cross, that was on the hill, allows me to be able to confidently say; ‘I trust God too much to give up’. I trust God too much to go back. I trust God too much because “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (English Standard Version, Romans 5:8).

"On the hill, there's a Cross, and on the Cross, there is Blood for me" 
(Greene, The Hill)

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