Quotes – Uniquely You

“Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken” – Oscar Wilde

“Nobody Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt


These quotes were ones I held onto in my life for some time. I remember as a teenager, going through so many changes emotionally, physically, and so much more; I repeated these quotes to myself over and over again. I never truly or fully understood the deeper meaning of these quotes however until I started to mature in many different areas of my life. Even till this day, I do believe that there is still much more that my eyes needs to be opened to inn understanding these words that seem so simple, yet are so profound.

I used to look at these solely from a worldly perspective. I used to look at everything I did solely from a world perspective.

However, I am learning to apply more than one perspective to all that I do, in order to allow myself to develop a better understanding of things, people, and situations around me. At first, I simply applied these quotes externally. I used them to gauge how I allowed people to treat me, how I interacted with the world around me, and how I presented myself to the world. I believed that they only applied to external factors, so I never really gave much thought to internal factors that shape and influence the heart of these sayings.

As I began my day, I therefore began to look at these quotes from a Godly perspective.

Looking at the first quote, ‘be yourself, everyone else is taken’, we are all uniquely created in the image of God with a specific plan and purpose. To try to be someone else, is to try to fit into a mold that is not yours. It will not fit. You will not fit. It will frustrating, and you will be frustrated. You may faint as the journey becomes too much to bear, because it is not your road to travel. When God crafted you, when He created you, when you were ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’, there was a specific purpose and plan that was in mind for you.

Similarly, the second quote ‘nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent’ ties into the first in that; your mold, your purpose, your life plan as ordained by God is uniquely yours. Your mother, your sister, your father, your friend, your brother, your teachers could not, and cannot do what it is that you can do. They could not and cannot fulfill it, live it, be it – like you can. And that is why God chose you as His wonderful vessel to be used for His purpose. King Saul could not be King David as much as he tried, Peter could not be Paul, Esau could not be Jacob, and John could not be Jesus. Each were individually, uniquely, divinely chosen to fulfill a specific plan and purpose to God’s glory and our blessings. From the seemingly smallest of tasks to the grand affairs, we have our unique skills, traits, and talents needed for the task.

Therefore, if you feel unworthy, unskilled, not good enough, incompetent; it is because YOU have allowed yourself to feel, to be seen, and to be handled that way. I am not saying that situations and circumstances does not impact you, but how do you choose to view your circumstance? How do you choose to handle your situation? Do not look to others to determine what you should be doing. Look to God. Do not try to compare your life to others, because each person’s journey is unique, at different paces, at different phases. Do not let your failures get you down, for in them you will find the lessons you need to grow, and the strength that lies in you that you may not have even known that you had.

Everything you need for greatness has already been deposited in you.

It is now up to you to refine it, to nurture it, to sharpen it, and to make sure that you do not let others – not friends, not family, not even yourself  – take away the uniqueness in you that the world is waiting for.

You were born for greatness
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