The Future Depends on it.

Transitioning between 2 activities in class…

Student: Miss can I make a comment?.

Me: Sure.

Student: I don’t know if I should.

Me: Ok, then we can move on.

Student: Ok, I’ll say it.

Me: Go ahead.

Other Students: Don’t do it.

Me: (in my head – ok I’m amused or should I be nervous?)

Student: Miss, we saw your page on Instagram.

Me: (in my head – well that was anticlimatic).

Also Me: Ok.

Student: That’s not the reaction I expected.

Me: Why?

Student: I don’t know… I really like one of your pictures.

Me: Which one?

Student: “use me Lord, as you see fit”

Me: Cool. Did you read what was written under it?

Student: No. What’s under it?

Me: Read it.

Other students: we didn’t look at what was under it.

Me: (in my head – my whole class saw my insta page??? Wah??? Should I be creeped out?)

Also Me: Read it. Helps you make better sense of the picture.

Student: How was your road trip to Chicago?

Me: (In my head – I never told you I went to Chicago, but the trip was great)  Great.

Another Student: Why don’t you make your Instagram private?

Me: Cause I have nothing to hide, and I don’t post anything I wouldn’t be proud of.

Still same other student: Yah but you can make it private.

Me: Why should I have to make it private? All that is needed is self control.

Student: Can I follow you on Insta? And can I like your pics?

Me:… (No comment).

Student: Will you follow me on Insta?

Me: I can’t. It is against board rules.

Another Student: Can you follow me?

Me:… *I begin to explain school board policy*.

All students: *Upset at board policy*.

Me: You can always email me.

Students: We’ll follow you after high school if we remember.

Me: *chuckles* then redirects the lesson back in track.

I live what I believe, and I reflect that which my faith is anchored in.
Imagine how this conversation could have unfolded if I lived a “double life”? If I taught one thing, and practiced another. If I put up a facade thinking my worlds will never meet. If my words and my actions did not align.
We never know who is watching. We never know who is searching. We never know when and how the dots will connect. All in all, what do you do when no one is watching? What can be said Of you when words are not spoken? Who are you, even when you are alone?


Integrity…. The next generation depends on it.

5 responses to “The Future Depends on it.”

  1. This is authentic! I love being real, being transparent.
    Love that you are getting back to where you started, this flair for writing will take you places beyond your imagination.

    Liked by 1 person

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