Demolish & Discipline

The picture above was taken at the Garden of Gethsemane.
The very place where Jesus laid His will down, 
Took up the cross of mankind, 
and fulfilled the heart desire of the Father.
Jesus had a choice. He always had a choice
Are you willing to make a choice?
To live beyond mediocre?
To Demolish & Discipline?

There is no rebuilding without demolition.
There is no disciple without discipline.
I desire for God to build me
Into a life-long, fully abandoned disciple of Him.
So, there must be demolition. There must be discipline.
What in my life do I need to DEMOLISH & DISCIPLINE?

I often find myself waiting, praying, “trusting God”
To do things in my life
That I need to pull myself up by my boot straps and get done.
There are things that the Lord will not do for me.
There are things that the Lord will not intervene in for me.
For I am the one to set my intent on getting them done.

God will not seek for me.
God will not ask for me.
God will not knock for me.
God will not make choices for me.
These are decisions, choices, actions, and intentions
That I have to make for myself.
And even when I am not sure of what to make of them
Or I am unsure of how to make them
I have to be the one to bring them in complete surrender to God.
Where He will guide me in how to go.

God will never make a decision for me.
He will never force my hand.
He will not force me to take action
Nor will He force a choice on me.
Lest, I blame Him and make Him out to be an unjust God.

But He is there. He is always there.
To guide me every step of the way
As I choose to demolish every mindset, desire, and outlook
That is opposed to Him
He is there. He is always there.
To guide me every step of the way
As I choose to discipline myself to yield to Him
Especially when everything in me does not want to.

What are those areas in my life that need to be destroyed, that I am not choosing to destroy. Where are those areas in my life that I hide in and expect God to crack down on like a strict school teacher demanding His way? What areas do I need to start making choices, no matter how hard; and taking action, no matter how challenging?

I cannot do for God. I can only do in God.
This is not something I can accomplish solely alone.
This is accomplished only by allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me
Through His process. In breaking, remolding, discipleship.
Until it is only through the filter of Him
That I see, do, understand, LIVE.

Demolish & Discipline.
If Jesus could do it
So can I.
I choose today
To make choices like Jesus did
At the Garden of Gethsemane
“Father, not my will but yours be done”.

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2 responses to “Demolish & Discipline”

  1. I hear myself speaking these same exacts words about my life.

    So often I wait on God in situations that seem so uncertain the outcome but in other things when I know exactly what the outcome would be, I have seen myself launch and do but not all situations breeds satisfaction.

    I ask myself why is it so easy to ask God to help fulfil a materialistic desire because all the cards and in sight and if played well the result is sure but it’s hard to make a decision when it comes to launching out in faith when all the pieces are not available and the outcome is not in sight.

    But this is the life He has called us to, right?

    What does that really say about me and my so called faith in christ, I know I have to take God at His Word, I know He can do the impossible but I’m still not living by what I know about Him but by what I feel in my abilities.

    So you see there needs to be a Demolition and Discipline journey for me to embark on.

    I’m learning and growing as well. I pray to read this someday and be confident that indeed I have grown in Christ.

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  2. Thank you very much for sharing Tolu. Thank you for being vulnerable. That is truly what this space is about. It is not about being perfect in this journey, but allowing the journey itself to refine us, to grow us, to challenge what we think we know about ourselves, and how we authentically interact with the life Christ has given us to live. I hope that when you do read this again someday, that you will share where you are at in that stage, and what learning, understanding, and choices you have added to your repertoire. I look forward to where your journey takes you.


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