The Unknown

Roads familiar yet so strange
I have no idea where I am
I have no inkling as to where I am going
There aren’t many familiar faces on this path
Truthfully, there is only One face I know – Yours.

Who do I talk to when I don’t have the details?
How do I explain something that I am still learning?
Opinions, ideas, suggestions; have no merit here
For the game plan, the blueprint, is heavily guarded
There is only one way to find the information within

How do you explain heavenly data
Using earthly understanding?
How do I explain things that I am still learning to understand?
Truly, “faith makes a fool of what makes sense”
“Grace finds my heart where logic ends”
I cannot begin to try to describe
I cannot begin to try to explain

You have me in a place called “Unknown”
The path less travelled, narrow, uncut
The road that You say leads to life everlasting
Certain uncertainty that is all I am sure of
Where it only makes sense as I get there (#obedience)
Or when it doesn’t, cause sometimes
You are not trying to get me to understand
You simply want me to trust completely

I have no idea where I am
I have no inkling where I am going
I simply know without a shadow of doubt
That You have called me to The Great Unknown.

“I will lift my eyes to things unseen
To the promise in Your victory
I will build my life on the mystery of where You call me
And I will go into the unknown” (Mosaic MSC, 2017).


Hillsong United. [Hillsong United]. (2015, May 28). Here Now [Video]. YouTube.

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3 responses to “The Unknown”

  1. Sister T.J, You are brilliant. I love the depth of your thoughts in connecting the creation to the creator. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and his ways higher than our ways. We are the product of God’s imagination and created for a beautiful purpose. We often navigate through life thinking we are in control but not always realizing that when we surrender our lives to God he is truly the one in control. We are called to follow Jesus, deny ourselves and to fully trust him. We may not always understand but through it all he is moulding us and perfecting us as we surrender to him so that we can fulfill His call and purpose. God is not only after our own hearts but also after the heart of his creation. We are the object of God’s affection.


  2. The great unknown that will be revealed to us only if we abide in obedience to His precepts and trust His leading.


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