The Dichotomy

Dichotomy, “Something with seemingly contradictory qualities” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

The Confidence found in Humility
The Strength found in Weakness
The Courage found amidst Fear
The Triumphs found among Trials
I am a walking dichotomy
Seemingly opposite, but in complete unison.

The Rationality found outside of Logic
The Steadfastness in the eye of the Storms
When all hope seems Gone, hope-Full
Having Faith when it makes No Sense at all
I am a living dichotomy
Pulled, stretched, moved in directions opposite, yet along the same path.

I often think of myself as a cub, till I see my reflection and catch a glimpse of The Lion.
I sometimes feel so small, till I wade into deep waters and see that it doesn’t drown me at all.
Grace is the name of this street.
Where instead of running parallel, all things intersect.
A place where Last is First, and Surrender is Honor.
This place where Death became Life

I am a walking, breathing, living dichotomy
For I reside where Mercy and Judgement meet.
The Cross, the dichotomy that fuels me
For as I decrease, He increases in me.
This Dichotomy, where logic makes no sense at all. ________________________________________________________________________


Merriam-Webster Dictionary. (2021). Retrieved from

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