The Power of authenticity

I am me, and you are you.

I listened to an interview a few weeks ago, and I was left with many things to ponder. The man speaking in the interview spoke of a dear friend and the rarity that their friendship was. ‘The ability to find someone else, particularly in adulthood, who is okay with just being themselves and allowing you to be yourself’. This resonated with me not because it was new insight or learning, it resonated because it once again brought me back to thinking about the power that lies in authenticity. Unlikely pairs forming unique bonds that are based solely on the willingness to be open, honest, and real.

I can’t help but ponder. Why do we hide behind masks? Why do we speak half truths? Why do we develop personas or facades thinking that this is the way to be accepted? Why do we have insatiable desire to be accepted as a certain image instead of just being who we truly are?

Imagine a world where I am me, and you are you. A world where me being me does not take away from you being you. A world where me being me, and you being you empowers we to live more bravely, openly, honestly. A world where you and I are able to understand each other (whether or not we agree on the same things), and embrace each other right where we are in our personal journey (love unconditional). A world where authentic is not a fad or tagline, but a norm, a badge of honor, a flag raised high, an aspiration for all. Imagine a world where we all look to grow up to be authentic, not grow up to blend in.

There is power in authenticity. For living openly, honestly, authentically allows for an enjoyment of self in unique ways, which encourages and empowers others to live the same way. That is the power of authenticity; the untapped source of the fullness of life that lies within all of us.

Who are you created to be authentically? Are you courageous enough to show it?

Williamson, M. (1996). A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of “A Course in Miracles”. HarperOne Publishing.

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