How to Worship A King – Sermon

February 21, 2021

Worship is defined as showing reverence and adoration for a deity. 

Reverence: Honor or respect felt or shown
Adoration: A deep love or admiration (give attention) to someone or something
Deity: Divine status, quality, or nature
King: Someone superior to all other of its sorts

Worship is not songs or a type of music.
Worship is not a feeling or an experience.
Worship is not a gathering nor is it dependent on a place. 
Worship, true worship. Is a choice.
Worship, true worship, is abiding in the true presence of God.
Worship, true worship, is a lifestyle. 

Worship as recognition of authority [Master & Lord]
Worship as a living testimony [Savior & Redeemer]
Worship as living out the gospel no matter the cost [A life of surrender]
Worship as unbridled, unguarded, extravagant display of love (Humility]

How do you truly worship the King of kings?
By letting worship become your lifestyle;
The expression of the fullness of His life in you!

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