How are you?

Has anyone ever asked you the question, “How are you”? 

Have you ever asked others that question? 

Do you ever stop to think about your answer? 

Do you ever wait patiently to hear the answer of others? 

What if your answer was not “I’m good” or “I’m Okay”?

What would happen if you gave real responses to this question?

What if others did not give a ‘knee-jerk response to this somewhat overused greeting? 

What would you say in response if you encountered real responses? 

Would you care to ask more questions?

Would you take the time to have a conversation? 

Would you take time to show that you care?

No matter how long-winded, painful, or fascinating the response may be; 

are you willing to take the time to pay attention?

Are you willing to make time for real conversations?

I take this time to ask, how are you? 

Think of your response. Take your time. 

Let me know how you truly are in the comments or through a message.

As for me, I am unlearning and relearning at the same time.

It is intense, it is overwhelming, it is encouraging even in its challenges. 

How are you? Don’t be afraid to share. 

Comment or message, real responses and real answers await here.

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