Sometimes, I forget

“Sometimes, I forget.”

This is a statement I am too familiar with.
Often it goes something like this.

“You are all-powerful, but sometimes, I forget.”
“You are all-knowing, but sometimes, I forget.”
“You can do all things, but sometimes, I forget.”
“You are always present, but sometimes, I forget.”
“You brought me this far, but sometimes, I forget.”
“You love me unconditionally, but sometimes, I forget.”

Oh, the frailty of the human nature in me.

This is why I can never serve another.
My shenanigans and foolishness can never exhaust God’s supply.
**(insert dreamy love eyes staring at the Throne of grace here).

I rest in the understanding of this truth;
Though sometimes, I forget You
You never will forget me.
Loving on me, unconditional.

Photography by Matheus Natan.

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