“Before God could bring me to this place, He broke me a thousand times. I have wept, I have groaned, I have travailed many a night until God broke me” – Smith Wigglesworth.

Though written many centuries ago, the pattern hasn’t changed. Brokenness comes before assignment. God must ensure that you are prepared to allow Him to raise you up to the challenge He wants you to face.

‘Though weeping endures for the night’ – we often only attribute this to facing hardships and the chase after our own personal desires. ‘Though weeping endures for the night’ – what if the weeping is meant to break you? What if the weeping is intended to absolutely shatter you until you come to the end of yourself and surrender completely at the feet of the Master?

What if weeping is the necessary tool used for refinement in order to fully understand the ‘joy that comes in the morning.’ ‘The joy that comes in the morning’ – the absolute unquantifiable joy that comes in the morning. Not only fills you but is an indication of your readiness as His vessel, His battle-ax, His soldier for war.

There are places we desire to get to with God that is only accessible through complete breaking – Divine brokenness that postures your heart to cry out, ‘Lord, not my will but yours be done.’

“He broke me a thousand times,” and He will keep breaking me still for His purpose in this life to be fulfilled. God will do whatever it takes to make you the best of what He has made you to be.

For it is “in the crushing, in the pressing,” He is making “new wine.” He is making you a sweet nectar that completely embodies the radiance of His glory.

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