Black. That is what we are said to be.

Black, synonymous with inventors?

Black, synonymous with innovators?

Black, synonymous with creatives?

Black Kings? Black Queens? Black Empires? Black Kingdoms?

What is meant by Black?

Black knowledge? For we too are guardians of the land.

Black, like you and me? Changemakers.

Black, which has impacted human existence in unique ways since the dawn of time.

So Black that time and history could not erase the influence of our existence.

Our stories are unique in their similarities. Different in their commonalities.

Triumphant in the reality of a modern world that was meant to break Black.

For no longer shall tongues be held back in speech.

No longer shall heads be bowed, nor eyes lowered so as not to cause a rift in the systems.

Black. That is what we are said to be.

Black. That is who we are.

With Excellence as our watchword, and Joy as our stance.

Black Lives Matter and the understanding of this begins with education, truth.

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